Alif Blue caffé latte, soup bowl and saucer


Art. 203_470_20S

Measurements in mm:
Ø135 h85 400ml;Ø220 h45
Measurements in inches:
Ø5.3" h3.3" 13.5oz Ø8.7" h1.8"
Delivery time:
2-4 weeks

Schale: Außen: Handgefertigtes Biskuitporzellan. Innen: glasiertes Porzellan mit Golddekor. Unterteller: Rand: Handgefertigtes Biskuitporzellan mit Kobaltdekor. Mitte: glasiertes P

Another example of the wealth of variations with which Stefanie Hering uses the décorative elements of the "Alif" collection: The calligraphic pattern was placed close together on the saucer, and the bowl itself is adorned with a narrow ring of golden dots.