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The essence of private dining


Art. 810_010_12

Dinner set with wine and water glasses for two people It is not only festive occasions that are made that little bit more beautiful by a table set with handmade porcelain. That's why Stefanie Hering has designed a flexible set especially for everyday culinary use: For a quick soup. A butter or cheese sandwich. The sushi-to-go from the stall around the corner. Even these uncomplicated dishes can provide a pleasurable moment of pause if they are served on beautiful tableware that is pleasing to the eye but remains simple in keeping with the situation. That is why all the components of the set come from Hering's minimalist "Velvet" collection, which thrives on the interplay of glossy glazed and matt surfaces in hand-cut bisque porcelain. The set includes two soup bowls with saucers, which can also be used as plates for small snacks, a butter dish and water and white wine glasses from the "Domain" glass collection, which is also handmade. As a special gift, two grey water glasses are included with the purchase of this set. This offer is only valid during the Trunk Show period from 14 to 24 September 2021.

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