A hand-poured glaze, black and iridescent, that stands out against the matt white bisque porcelain: this is the distinguishing feature of the "Obsidian" collection. Named after the unfathomable, deep black volcanic glass, each fragment of which shimmers in its own unique way, every single object in the collection by Stefanie Hering is likewise unique. The sophisticated glaze settles differently on each piece, creating new effects and colour facets every time, from almost translucent grey to impenetrable black.

Like all her decorations, Stefanie Hering's “Obsidian” glaze is the result of months of experimentation: until now, anyone who wanted to design porcelain in deep black had to accept that the decoration would be very sensitive, retaining its colour intensity only if it was fired at low temperatures. However, after countless tests, porcelain designer Hering and her team succeeded in developing a colour glaze that retains its unfathomably deep, rich black shade even after being put through the dishwasher, the microwave, and the constant wear of knives, thanks to the high firing temperatures. The manufactory is thus opening up a whole new dimension of colour that will delight top international chefs and consumers alike.