Söl’ring Hof

The duo delivers superlatives: a unique 5-star hotel with a 2-star restaurant on Sylt, a little out of the way in Rantum, an outstanding location in the middle of the dunes in every respect. View to the left, endless sandy beach, view to the right, endless sandy beach. Head chef Jan-Philipp Berner - member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe - focuses on down-to-earth and honest products. Oriented towards the seasons, the restaurant kitchen uses mainly regional ingredients. He leaves nothing to chance in the selection of his products: vegetables, fruit and herbs come from the local area, fish and seafood are supplied by local fishermen. Guests can also enjoy the unique Sylt Royal Oyster. Germany's only oyster comes fresh from List from Dittmeyer's Austernie Compagnie. From the table, guests can watch the food being prepared in the open kitchen - "naturally on porcelain from Hering Berlin, which like us never follows fashions, but is known for constantly setting new standards in creation.“