Michael Kempf & Joachim Gerner

For 15 years, aroma virtuoso Michael Kempf has been delighting guests at FACIL with his light cuisine, which is composed down to the last detail in terms of colour and texture. The 42-year-old, who is now decorated with two stars, has also been working with Stefanie Hering for almost as long; the symbiosis of porcelain art and haute cuisine is a central element for the culinary style of the FACIL: "I create my compositions especially for Stefanie Hering's porcelain design", says Michael Kempf. "The interplay creates a visual total work of art." Impressively visible on signature dishes such as Kempf's "Cloud" on "Blue Silent" porcelain. The collections Pulse, Velvet, Silent Iron and Cielo are also represented in the bamboo-covered restaurant on the 5th floor of Berlin's Mandala Hotel.