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Alchemy Earth | Plateau


Art. 550_010_00_RC

Handmade biscuit porcelain. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


The fundamental basis where most of these elements reside. Through keeping true to the Earth element, these ingredients are directly connected from the ground up in a conceptual connection. 

The cow’s eat the grass, the soil produces onions and beets, the truffles grow from the trees roots, the chestnuts grow in the trees. Following this pattern, the grass fed beef is tasted first then the beet dressed with red currant vinegar, ginger and fennel pollen. The second piece of beef is tasted and then then followed by the onion chestnut broth. The last piece of beef is eaten and followed by the brussel sprouts with truffle sabayon and hazelnuts. 

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2-4 weeks