Thomas Imbusch

The 100/200 kitchen on Hamburg's Elbe bridges has been open since August 2018. Not a normal restaurant. A place created by and for Thomas Imbusch and his idea of pleasure and dining culture. Together with his partner Sophie Lehmann, he lives here sustainability, excess and the daily challenge of "creating unique moments for his guests". Here you sit in the kitchen, in which people still really cook. You can smell, hear and see it. Except for the theme (there are four per year), you can be surprised what is put on your plate. Because in 100/200 the producers decide what is good at the moment. And the guest? He eats what is put on the table: sophisticated (star) cuisine in loud and handcrafted as a bridge between producer and guest. "Only porcelain from Hering Berlin, which also stands for living craftsmanship and is particularly well suited to the large, oiled wooden tables, fits this claim.“